new year resolutions + travel bucket list

How in the world is it already 2018? It’s crazy to think that 2017 has already come and gone, and after reading and watching everyone’s resolutions for the new year, I decided to get my thoughts written down as well.

As of lately I’ve been wanting to work on myself, as in get some devotional books, tweak my lifestyle habits, and work on having a positive mentality.

As young adults, I feel we are impressed by social influencers and I for one fall into that category. Whether it’s a YouTuber, someone I follow on social media, or etc. I feel inspired and want to have the same motivation as they have.

All of that to say, I understand it is not healthy to compare, but as of lately I’ve been wanting to step into a more mature stage of life and create a more healthy and, in my opinion, more outgoing lifestyle.

Some of my resolutions include the following:


Growing up I have always been in-shape. I played multiple sports and stayed active, but was also able to combat my terrible diet I acquired when I became a teenager. However, in 2013 I suffered from two concussions that left me in the worst shape in my life (both mentally and physically). Of course, it didn’t help that in 2014 I started college, gained the Freshman 20, and have yet to come back from it.

But this problem is no longer something I want to ignore or blame on situations. One YouTuber, whom I’ve been watching for years, Remi Cruz, has made a complete lifestyle change and it’s absolutely inspiring. From her vlogs and main channel videos, she shows her consistency and how much this change has benefitted for the better.

So for me I just want to try and make better choices, including, healthier food options, taking advantage of the classes at my school gym, drinking more water, and developing a healthy sleep schedule.

I know it’s pretty basic to have health or working out on a resolution list, but it is definitely something I want to achieve during 2018.


Lets just go ahead and bring up the clichés: “Living my best life,” “Treat yo self,” “YOLO.” (I apologize haha)

My entire life I’ve definitely been an over thinker. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that it is definitely a blessing that God created myself to be cautious of what I say and do, but sometimes I don’t live in the moment or I criticize my thoughts too much.

In 2018, I want to do the things I’ve always want to do and be the person I strive to be.

To add on, I received three books for Christmas that I feel will help my relationship with Christ. Because one of the things I definitely overthink is Him, when in reality I’m only pushing myself away from developing my faith.


Finding I Am | Discerning the Voice of God | Present Over Perfect

Travel Bucket List

After having the opportunity to visit New York and San Francisco, I’ve definitely caught the travel bug. I’m always seeing where others travel online or hear of another place I think would be cool to visit, so I’ve decided to compile them in this post!


This Spring Break, my roommate and I will be traveling to Orlando to visit my Little and explore Disney, Universal and more. I am super excited and we actually have so much more planning to do which is stressful but I can’t wait.

via Pinterest

Apart from the trip itself, I think it would be the perfect opportunity to capture the trip on video. My family recently discovered some unseen home videos and one included a trip to Disney World back in 2001. I think it’d be amazing to create a vlog to show off the highlights of the trip so we can reminisce in the years to come. (This would definitely be stepping out of my comfort zone but video editing is definitely a passion of mine I have yet to fully dive in to, so I believe this would be the perfect opportunity to have fun with!)


If a Spring Break trip to Disney World wasn’t enough, after I graduate this spring, my family is traveling to Europe!!!

My cousin Kate and her husband recently got married (during the eclipse!), but have been planning their official ceremony to take place on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

via Travel + Leisure

I have never been to Europe and I am on top of the moon that we have the opportunity to go celebrate them with a destination wedding.

My fam is taking advantage of this occasion and will be doing both Italy and France!

Every time I think about it I cannot contain my excitement. Also, if the Orlando vlog goes well, I would of course create a Europe vlog for my family and friends.


Tonight I read Mary Kate Robertson‘s blog post about her trip to Israel. Her pictures always come out amazing and I love her thirst for exploring.

via Mary Kate Robertson

I remember when Mary Kate and her husband John Luke first went to Israel and it looked like so much fun and educational.

My home church also was on a trip to Israel when I started my summer internship for them. It was cool to hear their testimonials when they arrived back.

Overall, it looks like a beautiful place and I believe it would be out-of-this-world to experience the bible in real life.

via Mary Kate Robertson

@thelittleduckwife blog posts:

Spring Break in Israel & Back to Israel


via Pinterest

Had to include this because childhood! But for real, I think Chicago would be an amazing place to explore. Especially after visiting NYC, I think I’d really like Chi-town.


I added Chicago to my list after seeing Tara Michelle‘s Instagram posts, vlogs, and blog posts. She creates incredible content and if you click the links below, you’ll see why I want to visit Chicago now!

@imtaramichelle blog posts:

72 Hours in Chicago & Best Places to Eat and Instagram in Chicago

Other Places

There are definitely more places I’d like to explore outside of the United States including:

Iceland, Japan, China, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England, and I’d also love to visit Nicaragua again.


United States:

A dream of mine is to visit all of the big National Parks.


And HAWAII! This is a must in my future (some point in time).

The YouTuber Remi, who I mentioned before, has an abundant of Hawaii vlogs and she’s in Hawaii now! So if you want to keep up with her, like I’ll be doing haha, you can click this link to her vlog channel: RemLife

Mary Kate Robertson also blogged about her Hawaii trip as well.

@thelittleduckwife blog post: Kauai


I would also love to take a cruise, wherever it may go, and experience excursions at each new port! It sounds like a blast.

Some of my favorite cruise vlogs are from YouTubers Alex Wassabi and Tara Michelle.

In conclusion, I know resolutions can be tough to micromanage. But I hope in writing this blog post, I’ll be able to keep myself accountable to make the changes I believe God has set in my heart to do (for honestly years now).

It’s never too late to make a change!

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Romans 8:18

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